Application Integration in a Nutshell – A Guide for Beginners

Application Integration

In today’s world of digital transformation, enterprises rely on a variety of applications that help them develop faster. However, the constant switching between them can disable communication flow and turn your company into a mess. Here, an application integration comes out as a solution.

Top 10 Healthcare Technology Trends in 2022

The healthcare industry has seen the most significant transition in the overall market since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, enduring multiple transformations and adjusting to new conditions. The use of healthcare technology has emerged as a major future trend that will continue to affect the industry’s future.

Software Development: Offshore, Onshore, or Nearshore?

When faced with a choice of a software development team, you have a world of those to choose from. Literally. Country borders don’t limit you at all. So should you choose someone from your own country or from abroad? And if the latter, is it safe to bet on a team from far, far away? Let’s take a look at the concepts of offshoring, onshoring and nearshoring.