Application Integration in a Nutshell – A Guide for Beginners

Application Integration

In today’s world of digital transformation, enterprises rely on a variety of applications that help them develop faster. However, the constant switching between them can disable communication flow and turn your company into a mess. Here, an application integration comes out as a solution.

Java in the Future of Kubernetes-Native Applications

Self-service availability, automatic infrastructure scaling, and dynamic resource pools are all advantages of cloud-native and Kubernetes-native technologies. This article will explore what it means to bring Java into the distributed, Kubernetes-first, cloud-native application development world we live in today, as well as why it is so critical.

Clubhouse’s Android App Is Finally Available – but is it Too Late?

It’s taken a while – and no doubt some frantic work at Clubhouse HQ – but an Android version of the audio social platform is now live, in limited beta, with a full release coming soon. The application can be downloaded from the Play store … but only in the US.

Microservice Madness, or 8 Flaws of Distributed Processing

The title of this article may be a little provocative, but that’s a general idea. This time, it’s not just about sharing knowledge. We want to start a discussion about different approaches to programming. And also about how ignoring or underappreciating certain aspects may harm the final product. Let’s start with defining a microservice. It’s… Continue reading Microservice Madness, or 8 Flaws of Distributed Processing

Design Decisions Affect Code Complexity

As software developers, we write code which falls into one of two categories. The first one is the business logic code – the essence of the software we create. The second one is infrastructure code – a backbone of the application. Did you ever think what is the optimal ratio between an amount of code in these two categories? In this article, I will share my observations on this topic. Small side note, in the course of this article I will use term BICR to denote Business/Infrastructure Code Ratio.